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Creating balance between people, objects and their surroundings, Elements is a discreet collection, characterised by warm tonality, natural balance and sustainable values.


Throughout the creative process, BOLON focused on creating a flooring with an aesthetically sustainable design expression that remains timeless. With its discreet, aesthetic appearance, the collection has the unique capability of making a space look classic and timeless, yet unique and challenging. Elements provides diverse interior environments with a durable, timeless design concept that outlasts trends by creating aesthetic pleasure regardless of time and place.


The sound absorbing qualities of acoustic flooring truly makes a difference in areas where sound matters. By preventing sound disturbances, BOLON’s acoustic flooring has the unique function to improve the decibel value from 11 dB to up to 17 dB without compromising the durability, fire resistance or overall performance – only improving the quality of the indoor environment. All 10 articles in the Elements collection are available in acoustic tiles.


The calm colour palette and simple versatility of the Elements collection make it an outstanding, neutral backdrop for larger spaces. Due to its subtle tones of beige and grey, the collection’s discreet appearance creates a balanced, harmonious effect that becomes especially prominent when installed in large scale environments.


A key element to consider when selecting a floor covering, especially for large projects, is how different solutions impact the indoor environment. This is one of the strongest features of Elements; dirt, chemicals, skin cells and pollen are restricted from penetrating the backing, which ultimately allows for a healthy indoor environment. In support of this, all BOLON flooring is certified and recommended by the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF) and accords with the principles of universal design, ensuring that interiors are easily accessible to all.


All BOLON flooring, including Elements, is easily cleaned and maintained without resisting to strong, hazardous chemicals. The cleaning process is both cost and time efficient as there is no need for expensive cleaning products or hiring cleaning specialists. Elements is easy to keep clean with the help of a vacuum cleaner, water, a scrubbing brush and stain remover, with the occasional machine wash to get the floors shining.


The Elements collection accommodates for all people. In addition to withstanding heavy foot traffic, the superior quality flooring endures pressure exerted by wheelchairs and mobility scooters without being prone to buckling or bunching.  The surface is easy for mobility vehicles to roll on and accessible to everyone.


By way of letting sustainable values permeate both the design and manufacturing process, Elements truly represents BOLON’s desire to contribute to, and encourage sustainable behaviour. By offering a product that is recyclable, easy to maintain and simple to install with the help of environmentally friendly welding weld. Elements is a fundamentally sustainable product aiming to prevent negative environmental impact on every level of the supply chain.


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