BOLON’s Green Vision


Our products has been developed and manufactured in accordance with the strictest environmental standards and they exceed many current legislative requirements. Equipped with this knowledge, you can use BOLON flooring with confidence from both a quality and responsibility perspective.


Our Greentag rating covers social responsibility, product eco-friendly composition, VOC emissions and durability.

The Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ PhD recognises progressive manufacturers who fully disclose the toxicity information of their product.

Best Practice PVC

Bolon’s suppliers of PVC raw materials are Best Practice PVC certified for the highest environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

EPD’s are created from the standard EN 158 04 and ISO 140 25, for the environmental impact of the flooring, connected to its life cycle.

PVC Stewardship Excel Award

We are a Signatory to the PVC Stewardship Program, a long term initiative that addresses environmental, health and safety issues with the life cycle of PVC.

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Bolon flooring has an A+ to A BREEAM rating, which is the worlds’ foremost environmental assessment method.


BASTA indicates that our flooring accelerates the phasing out of dangerous substances from construction products.


Our products content declarations including chemicals are registered with the flooring industry central database in Sweden.


Bolon flooring is Floorscore certified for indoor air quality (emissions), This contributes to a higher LEED rating for Bolon floors.

CE icon

Our product meets CE labelling requirements as specified in CPD directives for safety, health and environment.

iso icon

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 indicate that our quality and environmental control system for processes fulfils international standards.

Golv Branschen

Bolon is a member of the recycling and waste management program with the Swedish flooring industry organisation, GBR.

M1 icon

M1 classification stands for low emissions in building materials used in ordinary work spaces and residences with respect to good indoor air quality.

NAAF logo

All Bolon’s flooring collections are recommended by The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF).