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With its high-end design and world-leading levels of durability, BOLON is the outstanding flooring choice for commercial premises. Easy to install, maintain and clean, offices, corridors and conference rooms can enjoy a designer touch without compromising on everyday practical benefits.

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  • The Octagon, NSW, Australia - Tile

    The Octagon

    New South Wales, Australia
  • AMP

    Victoria, Australia
  • Vanguard Investments

    Victoria, Australia
  • TCP

    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Mercury

    Auckland, New Zealand
  • Harcourts, Australia - Tile


    New South Wales, Australia
  • Boston Consulting Group BCG - Tile

    Boston Consulting Group

    Victoria, Australia
  • Colliers, North Sydney

    New South Wales, Australia
  • Woodside, Australia - Tile


    Perth, Australia
  • Tetra Pak

  • icare, Pitt St

    New South Wales, Australia
  • QTC, Australia - Tile


    Brisbane, Australia
  • icare ilabs

    New South Wales, Australia
  • Australian Super

    Melbourne, Australia
  • ABN AMRO Bank

    Sydney, Australia
  • HBF

    Perth, Australia
  • PEXA

    Victoria, Australia
  • icare, Australia - Tile

    icare, Kent St

    New South Wales, Australia
  • PDG, VIC - Graphic Texture Black (1)


    Victoria, Australia
  • CGU, Australia (1)


    Melbourne, Australia
  • State Super Financial Services, Australia - Tile

    State Super Financial Services

    Sydney, Australia
  • Mine Wealth and Wellbeing

    Sydney, Australia
  • Jemena, Sydney - Tile


    Sydney, Australia
  • RMS Parramatta, Australia (1)

    RMS Parramatta

    Sydney, Australia
  • Yarra Valley Water, Australia (1)

    Yarra Valley Water

    Melbourne, Australia
  • St George, Australia (1)

    St George

    Brisbane, Australia
  • Mahoney Lawyers, Australia (1)

    Mahoney Lawyers

    Brisbane, Australia
  • Arrow Energy, Australia (2)

    Arrow Energy

    Brisbane, Australia
  • Department of Immigration & Border Protection, Australia (1)

    Department of Immigration and Border Protection

    Adelaide, Australia
  • AMP, Perth, Australia - Create Pario (1)

    AMP Financial Offices

    Perth, Australia
  • TNT, NSW - Artisan Slate, BKB Sisal Plain Black & Botanic Osier (2)

    TNT Head Office

    Sydney, Australia
  • Commonwealth Government, Australia (1)

    Commonwealth Government

    Canberra, Australia
  • Silverchef, Australia (2)


    Melbourne, Australia
  • Department of Transport WA, Australia (1)

    Department of Transport

    Perth, Australia
  • General Mills, Australia - Create Creo (1)

    General Mills

    Melbourne, Australia
  • Department of Commerce, Australia (1)

    Department of Commerce

    Perth, Australia
  • Lyndhurst Terrace Office

    Hong Kong
  • Cathay Organisation, Singapore - Tile

    Cathay Organisation

  • UNICEF Bangkok, Thailand - Tile

    UNICEF East Asia & Pacific

    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Science Park Drive, Singapore - Tile

    Science Park Drive

  • HPE, Singapore - Tile

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

  • Venture Smart, Hong Kong - Tile

    Venture Smart

    Hong Kong
  • AKK, Singapore - Tile


  • Criteo

  • ELO

    Espoo, Finland
  • Ceva Sogeval Campus, France - Tile

    Ceva Sogeval Campus

    Louverné, France
  • Kesko K-Kampus

    Helsinki, Finland
  • IT-CE, France - Tile


    Rennes, France
  • Nordic Bank

    Helsinki, Finland
  • Bankoa

    Bilbao, Spain
  • Software Editor, France - Tile

    Software Editor

    Paris, France
  • Service Company, France - Tile

    Service Company

    Paris, France
  • Technology Office

    Milan, Italy
  • UNICEF, Netherlands - Tile


    Haag, Netherlands
  • Netflix

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Moelven Modus Showroom, Sweden - Tile

    Moelven Modus Showroom

    Malmö, Sweden
  • Helsedirektoratet

    Oslo, Norway
  • Wilson Associates, UAE - Tile

    Wilson Associates

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Work Agency

    Milan, Italy
  • Office Westphalia

    Westphalia, Germany
  • Maike Group, China - Tile

    Maike Group

    Xi An, China
  • Sony, Spain - Tile


    Madrid, Spain
  • Fortum, Finland - Tile


    Espoo, Finland
  • Eleiko, Sweden - Tile


    Halmstad, Sweden
  • Avdems

    Renens / Lausanne, Switzerland
  • BNO

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Arthritis, United Kingdom - Tile


    London, United Kingdom
  • ISO Technik, Germany - Tile

    IOS Technik

    Willich, Germany
  • MFF, Sweden - Tile


    Malmö, Sweden
  • JM, Sweden - Tile


    Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Taipei 101 Cloud Coworking Offices

    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Yinson, Norway - Tile


    Oslo, Norway
  • LyondellBasell, Netherlands - Tile


    Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Sparbanken Rekarne, Sweden - Tile

    Sparbanken Rekarne

    Eskilstuna, Sweden
  • Formwerk

    Berlin, Germany
  • Karmar, Poland - Tile


    Warsaw, Poland
  • Turku Technology Properties, Finland - Tile

    Turku Technology Properties

    Turku, Finland
  • Outokumpu

    Helsinki, Finland
  • Keystone Academic Solution

    Oslo, Norway
  • Storebrand, Norway - Tile


    Olso, Norway
  • Cundell, United Kingdom - Tile


    London, United Kingdom
  • Microsoft Office

    Vancouver, Canada
  • National Bank of Canada, Canada - Tile

    National Bank of Canada

    Montreal, Canada
  • Philips Lighting

    Warsaw, Poland
  • Native Land, United Kingdom - Tile

    Native Land

    London, United Kingdom
  • Ministry of Environment & Infrastructure, Netherlands - Tile

    Ministry of Environment and Infrastructure

    Den Haag, Netherlands
  • JUST, Finland - Tile


    Järvenpää, Finland
  • Dentsu Aegis

    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Air France KLM, Japan - Tile

    Air France KLM

    Tokyo, Japan
  • 100 Washington Square

    Minneapolis, USA
  • Zenuity, Sweden - Tile


    Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Nidera

    Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Lindbäcks, Sweden - Tile


    Solna, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Umestan

    Umeå, Sweden
  • Service Union United PAM

    Helsinki, Finland
  • Ruag Space, Sweden - Header

    Ruag Space

    Linköping, Sweden
  • Hoist, Sweden (2)


    Stockholm, Sweden
  • AIFS Deutschland, Germany (1)

    AIFS Deutschland

    Bonn, Germany
  • Teosto, Finland (1)


    Helsinki, Finland
  • Atkins, Sweden (3)


    Jönköping, Sweden
  • BDO, Sweden (3)


    Gothenburg, Sweden
  • JMT Nordic, Norway (3)

    JMT Nordic

    Bergen, Norway
  • Sector Alarm, Sweden (5)

    Sector Alarm

    Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Bene Office, Germany (3)


    Cologne, Germany
  • Phonak, Switzerland (1)


    Stäfa, Switzerland
  • Red Bull, Germany (4)

    Red Bull

    Frankfurt, Germany
  • Dura Vermeer, Netherlands (3)

    Dura Vermeer

    Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Heron Tower, United Kingdom (2)

    Heron Tower

    London, United Kingdom
  • Daum Communication, South Korea (1)

    Daum Communication

    Jeje Island, Korea (South)
  • Breuniger, Germany (4)


    Stuttgart, Germany
  • Spies Travel Agency, Denmark (2)

    Spies Travel Agency

    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Tapwacht, Netherlands (1)


    Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Vasakronan, Sweden (1)


    Uppsala, Sweden
  • Singelveste, Netherlands (2)


    Breda, Netherlands
  • Pixel 1, Poland (2)

    Pixel 1

    Poznan, Poland
  • Västsvenska Turistrådet, Sweden (1)

    Västsvenska Turistrådet

    Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Fraunhofer Office, Portugal (4)

    Fraunhofer Office

    Porto, Portugal
  • Post Zuid, Netherlands (1)

    Post Zuid

    Apeldoorn, Netherlands
  • Rabobank Groningen, Netherlands (2)

    Rabobank Groningen

    Groningen, Netherlands
  • Chuan Yu Interior Design, Taiwan (1)

    Chuan Yu Interior Design

    Zhongli, Taiwan
  • The Co-operative Group, United Kingdom (2)

    The Co-operative Group

    Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Bwin, United Kingdom (1)


    London, United Kingdom
  • Adidas Shanghai Headquarter, China (1)

    Adidas Shanghai Headquarters

    Shanghai, China
  • Microsoft, Sweden (1)


    Stockholm, Sweden
  • Cheil, South Korea (2)


    Seoul, South Korea
  • Coolstuff, Sweden (1)


    Malmö, Sweden
  • Skype, Sweden (4)


    Stockholm, Sweden
  • Aberdeen, Denmark (1)


    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Savills, United Kingdom


    London, United Kingdom
  • Borgerservice, Denmark (2)


    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Born05, Netherlands (2)


    Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Eli Lilly, Finland (2)

    Eli Lilly

    Helsinki, Finland
  • Etikhus, Sweden (2)


    Varberg, Sweden
  • Olofssons Bygg, Sweden (2)

    Olofssons Bygg

    Borås, Sweden
  • NSB, Norway (1)


    Oslo, Norway
  • 18 Feet and Rising, United Kingdom (1)

    18 Feet and Rising

    London, United Kingdom
  • Sparebank, Norway (3)


    Fredrikstad, Norway
  • Cisco Meraki, USA - Header

    Cisco Meraki

    San Francisco, USA
  • EF Education First, Hong Kong (1)

    EF Education First

    Hong Kong, China
  • WeWork, USA (2)


    Boston, USA
  • Drees and Sommer, Germany (3)

    Drees And Sommer

    Cologne, Germany
  • Korda And Partners, France (1)

    Korda And Partners

    Paris, France
  • Figge Schuster, Germany (2)

    Figge Schuster

    Münich, Germany
  • Förbo HQ, Sweden (3)

    Förbo HQ

    Mölnlycke, Sweden
  • Svensk Filmindustri, Sweden (1)

    Svensk Filmindustri

    Stockholm, Sweden
  • TNO, Netherlands (4)


    Den Haag, Netherlands
  • Hill and Knowlton, Finland (1)

    Hill and Knowlton

    Helsinki, Finland
  • Almi, Sweden (4)


    Stockholm, Sweden
  • British Chamber, Belgium (2)

    British Chambers

    Brussels, Belgium
  • Urban Science, Germany (3)

    Urban Science

    Frankfurt, Germany
  • Oktra, United Kingdom (5)


    London, United Kingdom
  • Parada y Cotelo Abogados, Spain (2)

    Parada y Cotelo Abogados

    A Coruna, Spain
  • Hewlett Packard, China (3)


    Shanghai, China
  • Rohlig Suus, Poland (4)


    Warsaw, Poland
  • Varner, Norway (3)


    Asker, Norway
  • Västsvenska Handelskammaren

    Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Glimstedt, Sweden (5)


    Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Wall AG, Germany (3)

    Wall AG

    Berlin, Germany
  • Mullen Lowe Group, United Kingdom (3)

    Mullen Lowe Group

    London, United Kingdom
  • McGraw Hill Education, United Kingdom (6)

    McGraw Hill Education

    London, United Kingdom
  • One American Square, United Kingdom (2)

    One American Square

    London, United Kingdom
  • CIMA, United Kingdom (5)


    London, United Kingdom
  • Accenture, Netherlands (5)


    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Zalando, Germany (3)


    Berlin, Germany
  • Thrilled, Sweden (3)


    Malmö, Sweden
  • Genesta, Finland (3)


    Helsinki, Finland
  • Kinnarps, Sweden (3)


    Kinnarp, Sweden
  • Nando, United Kingdom (2)


    Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Bonnier, Sweden (3)


    Stockholm, Sweden
  • Trollhättan Energi, Sweden (4)

    Trollhättan Energi

    Trollhättan, Sweden
  • Pandion, Germany (4)


    Cologne, Germany



With high foot traffic, shops and other retail premises demand flooring that is robust and easy to clean. At the same time, designs must be chosen carefully so that they can outlast trends but still remain fashionable. Our collections meet these challenges, allowing for the creation of exciting interiors that reflect positively on your brand and the products you sell.

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  • Oxford Chadstone, Australia - Tile

    Oxford Chadstone

    Melbourne, Australia
  • Specialeyes

    Perth, Australia
  • Corporate Culture, Australia (2)

    Corporate Culture

    Melbourne, Australia
  • Space Showroom (1)

    Space Showroom

    Australia and Malaysia
  • Herman Miller Showroom, China - Tile

    Herman Miller Showroom

    Guangzhou, China
  • Galeria Polnocna, Poland - Tile

    Galeria Pólnocna

    Warsaw, Poland
  • Bergströms ur

    Malmö, Sweden, Sweden
  • Philips Showroom, Poland - Tile

    Philips Showroom

    Warsaw, Poland
  • Eisenmans Shoe Store, USA - Tile

    Eisenmans Shoe Store

    Forth Worth, USA
  • LG Fashion Store, Korea (1)

    LG Fashion Store

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Daniel Wellington, USA - Header

    Daniel Wellington

    Los Angeles Hollywood, USA
  • Missoni Home Tokyo, Japan - Header

    Missoni Home Tokyo

    Tokyo , Japan
  • FontanaArte, Italy (1)


    Milan, Italy
  • Roodebjer, Sweden (1)


    Stockholm, Sweden
  • Mobile Digital Life Hall, Taiwan (2)

    Mobile Digital Life Hall

    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Lindex, Sweden (2)


  • Telenor, Sweden (2)


    National, Sweden
  • HAY, United Kingdom (1)


    London, United Kingdom
  • Gulled, Sweden


    Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Gulled Stockholm, Sweden

    Gulled Stockholm

    Stockholm, Sweden
  • LPP Showroom, Poland - Artisan Slate, Botanic Iris, Osier & Viva (1)

    LPP Showroom

    Warsaw, Poland
  • Stockmann, Finland (2)

    Stockmann Department Store

    Helsinki, Finland
  • ic berlin, Taiwan

    ic! Berlin

    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Schadow Arcaden, Germany (4)

    Schadow Arcaden

    Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Wola Park, Poland

    Wola Park

    Warsaw, Poland
  • Bene Showroom, Germany

    Bene Showroom

    Cologne, Germany
  • Projekt Rheinland, Germany

    Projekt Rheinland

    Cologne, Germany



Our collections combine aesthetic beauty with a tactile, soft feeling. Together, a warm ambience is created that lifts the feeling of quality in any corridor, room, public space or restaurant. From a practical perspective, other features such as high fire resistance, ease of cleaning and effective noise absorption contribute to our flooring’s superior performance wherever it is used in the hotel.

View Hospitality Projects Download brochure

  • Winebank by Golden Century

    Sydney, Australia
  • The Fleming Hotel, Hong Kong - Tile

    The Fleming Hotel

    Hong Kong, China
  • Crystalbrook Collection

    Cairns, Australia
  • Cafe Sydney, Australia - Tile

    Café Sydney

    Sydney, Australia
  • Cordis Hotel, Hong Kong (1)

    Cordis Hotel

    Hong Kong, China
  • ArTree Hotel

    Taipei, Taiwan
  • 25hours Hotel, Germany - Tile

    25hours Hotel

    Cologne, Germany
  • Videgård Restaurant

    Stockholm, Sweden
  • Website Project - Tile

    Skybar Hotel Tivoli Oriente

    Lisbon, Portugal
  • Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

    Waikiki Hawaii, USA
  • Javri Lodge, Finland - Tile

    Javri Lodge

    Saariselkä, Finland
  • Restaurant Pieter Christiaan, Netherlands - Tile

    Restaurant Pieter Christiaan

    Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Selmans Restaurant and Bar, Germany - Tile

    Selmans Restaurant and Bar

    Munich, Germany
  • KIN + ILK, United Kingdom - Tile

    KIN + ILK

    Cardiff, United Kingdom
  • Radisson Blu Nydalen Oslo, Norway (3)

    Radisson Blu Nydalen Oslo

    Oslo, Norway
  • Hotel Schöne Aussicht, Germany (1)

    Hotel Schöne Aussicht

    Frankfurt, Germany
  • Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti, Finland (1)

    Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti

    Helsinki, Finland
  • Torekov, Sweden


    Torekov, Sweden
  • Hotel Myriad, Portugal

    Hotel Myriad

    Lisbon, Portugal
  • Thon Hotel, Norway

    Thon Hotel

    Oslo, Norway
  • Radisson RED Brussels, Belgium

    Radisson RED Brussels

    Brussels, Belgium
  • Radisson Blu Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Radisson Blu Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • RC Hotel, Sweden

    RC Hotel

    Jönköping, Sweden
  • Club Accademia Hotel, Italy

    Club Accademia Hotel

    Rome, Italy

Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

BOLON is a textile flooring solution that can be used with confidence in health and aged care facilities. Besides its durability and ease of maintenance, our collections have been tested by the Australian testing laboratory, AWTA, specifically for suitability in the healthcare sector. Qualities such as stain and water resistance, germ-destroying and the ability to dry fast make BOLON an ideal alternative to other textile flooring for hospital and healthcare facilities.

View Health & Wellbeing Projects Download brochure

  • Ashman Grove Aged Care

    South Australia, Australia
  • Herston Biofabrication Institute

    Queensland, Australia
  • Robust Group Housing, VIC, Australia - Tile

    Robust Group Home, Cranbourne

    Victoria, Australia
  • Geelong Hospital, Supportive Care Centre - Botanic Tilia and Cilia

    Geelong Hospital

    Victoria, Australia
  • Lyell McEwin Hospital

    Adelaide, Australia
  • Guildford Disability Housing

    New South Wales, Australia
  • Cabrini Childrens Centre, Australia (1)

    Cabrini Paediatrics

    Melbourne, Australia
  • EOS Wellness Spa, Malaysia (1)

    EOS Wellness SPA

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Clinica Diaz Bonilla

    Madrid, Spain
  • Chirec Delta Hospital, Belgium - Tile

    Chirec Delta Hospital

    Brussels, Belgium
  • Cabinet Moiteaux

    Le Havre, France
  • Karolinska Institute Future Lab

    Huddinge, Sweden
  • Vakkert Smil

    Vestby, Norway
  • Skandionkliniken, Sweden


    Uppsala, Sweden
  • Dr Winterfeld

    Leverkusen, Germany



BOLON's performance is a proven success and can be used with complete confidence in educational environments. Durable, easy to clean, effective noise absorption and high fire resistance make it perfectly suited to high traffic areas while offering versatility in creating creative and stimulating spaces.

View Education Projects Download brochure

  • Beecroft Early Learning Centre, NSW, Australia - Project Tile

    Beecroft Early Learning Centre

    New South Wales, Australia
  • University of Melbourne

    Victoria, Australia
  • Spectra Secondary School

  • University of Adelaide

    South Australia, Australia
  • Queensland University of Technology, Australia - Tile

    Queensland University of Technology

    Queensland, Australia
  • UNSW Law Library, Australia - Tile

    UNSW Law Library

    New South Wales, Australia
  • Caulfield Grammar School, - Tile

    Caulfield Grammar School

    Victoria, Australia
  • Mount Lawley Senior High School, Australia (1)

    Mount Lawley Senior High School

    Perth, Australia
  • Macquarie University

    Sydney, Australia
  • Chulalongkorn University, Thailand - Project Tile

    Chulalongkorn University

  • Toa Payoh Library

  • Heimstaden, Flintholm II College, Denmark - Tile

    Heimstaden, Flintholm II College

    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Copenhagen University

    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Istituto Marangoni Miami, US - Tile

    Istituto Marangoni Miami

    Miami, United States
  • Karolinska Institutet Student Center

    Stockholm, Sweden
  • Shanghai Jiading Public Library, China (1)

    Shanghai Jiading Public Library

    Shanghai, China
  • Bibliotheque Universitaire Of Manufacture Des Tabacs, France

    Bibliotheque Universitaire Of Manufacture Des Tabacs

    Toulouse, France
  • Instituto Marangoni, Italy

    Istituto Marangoni

    Milan, Italy
  • Grillska College, Sweden

    Grillska College

    Stockholm, Sweden
  • Vetenskapens Hus, Sweden

    Vetenskapens Hus

    Luleå, Sweden
  • El Colegio de Mexico

    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Goethe-Institut, Poland


    Warsaw, Poland



BOLON delivers high performance without the burden of complicated installation and maintenance requirements for indoor and outdoor environments, including residential, cultural, civil and recreational spaces. With a distinct focus on innovation, quality and sustainability, BOLON Flooring combines the remarkable durability of vinyl with the aesthetic appeal and texture of textile flooring.

View Other Projects

  • Pure Yoga Pacific Place, Hong Kong - Tile

    The Pure Group

  • ACMI

    Victoria, Australia
  • Toorak Residence, Australia - Tile

    Toorak Residence

    Melbourne, Australia
  • Urbanest, Australia - Tile


    Sydney, Australia
  • Queens Riverside Apartmentsm Australia - Tile

    Queens Riverside Apartments

    Perth, Australia
  • Habitat, United Kingdom - Tile


    London, United Kingdom
  • Museum of London

    London, United Kingdom
  • National Maritime Museum

    London, United Kingdom
  • Landvetter Airport, Sweden - Tile

    Landvetter Airport

    Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Lebuinuskerk

    Deventer, Netherlands
  • Fotografiska, Sweden - Tile


    Stockholm, Sweden
  • Finnair Schengen Lounge, Finland - Tile

    Finnair Schengen Lounge

    Helsinki, Finland
  • The British Library

    London, United Kingdom
  • The Design Bar, Sweden - Tile

    The Design Bar

    Stockholm, Sweden
  • Spritmuseum

    Stockholm, Sweden
  • El Museo Nacional del Escultura, Spain - Tile

    El Museo Nacional del Escultura

    Valladolid, Spain
  • Klab Fitness Center, Italy - Tile

    Klab Fitness Center

    Florence, Italy
  • New Era Field

    Buffalo, New York, USA
  • House of Spirits, USA - Tile

    House of Spirits

    Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Musee des Arts Decoratifs, France - Tile

    Musee des Arts Decoratifs

    Paris, France
  • Icelandair Lounge

    Keflavik, Iceland